5 Reasons you should opt for a Master Franchise!

Why choose a master franchise
Owning a master franchise may just be the investment that you are looking for. Read our guide below to get started today!

While franchising is considered one of the biggest tools in the Food & Beverage industry for business expansion and growth, there are several types of franchises that you could choose based on your interests and investment commitments. It is no secret that franchising is one of the safest ways to enter any sector, but if you are an experienced player in the field, you may be ready to play a bit more and take on a few more challenges.

So, if you are ready to see what else is out there, a master franchise may be just for you. Check out easy to understand blog on why you should prefer a master franchise:

    1. Growth and Expansion:

    The business model is designed to scale territories, regions, and even countries in our instance. Master franchise offers area development rights that can help you to gain exclusive trading rights and earn more profits as the business expands further.

    • Extra Income and Revenue:

    Master franchise helps you secure extra income as the business model includes introducing units or sub-franchises nearby the location that you have set up. Your sub-franchisees will also have to pay you a franchising fee for using the rights to work under the franchise name. Master franchises tend to also be paid royalties by your sub-franchisees and could retain anywhere from 35%-70%, depending on the agreement with the franchisor.

    • Branding:

    As the parent brand takes care of the marketing and branding strategies, you’re halfway to success if the brand is already well-established and known in the market that you have chosen. The goodwill, brand reputation, and as a result the generation of higher brand equity is something that you can use to your advantage while trying to gain a footing in the market.

    • Delegation of Responsibilities:

    You will be able to delegate your work amongst the sub-franchises in your area that work under your umbrella. Not only does this help you on focus on other important aspects of business development and further expansion, but the workload of running a big master franchise is also reduced and shared equally.

    • Proven Business Model:

    As a master franchise, you will receive the knowledge and procedures that are developed by the franchisor over years of experimentation. In short, you will receive a ‘business in a box’ at the franchisor level and you will be able to benefit from an existing framework and a business model that has already been tested.

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