with us!

We believe that delicious food is everyone’s right. However, we need your help.

Why join

We need your help to ensure that we deliver this food in every corner of the world. While we give you some mouth-watering recipes to try, we want to give you taste AND profit out of it. Unbelievable, right? To make this a reality, Eateryum has chosen franchising as it’s weapon to expand the business and scale further into different parts of the globe.

With our star brands – Hala and Biryani Bowl, we are currently on the way of becoming one of the fastest growing cloud kitchens in the world. We are, therefore, inviting like-minded entrepreneurs who wish to join this ever-increasing business and serve hungry customers in their part of the world. So, start your restaurant business with our highly profitable and attractive franchise models to get good returns.

Have a look at our brands to take your pick. If you want to make mouths water with a delicious Biryani or provide a delectable Shawarma on the go – the choice is yours.

We don’t care if you are 19 or 90. If you have the zest and the passion to achieve, we will make a great team. We are looking forward to meeting with you soon.  

Key Benefits



We help you expand your brand with long-term & sustainable ideas. Our integrated platforms enable you to launch virtual brands with minimal lead time across any food trend.

Higher ROI

Our cloud kitchen model lets you innovate using the same manpower, kitchen, tech & supply infrastructure. Which means effective utilization of fixed costs & higher ROI guaranteed.


End-to-end integration & support to help you create a Full-stack model with effective data utilization and smart equipment.

Cloudify operations

Get a complete plan on how to setup and manage your Kitchens, Brands, Channels, Supply chain & Systems.

Our Delivery Partners