Restaurant Partners

Become a Restaurant Partner and earn more sales with Eateryum Virtual Brands!
Make incremental revenue a month more from your existing staff and kitchen!
Fulfill orders for delivery-only brands at 25% – 30% profit!

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The Secret Sauce

Eateryum combines your kitchen’s resources with our business intelligence and marketing capabilities. Together, we’re able to serve up profitable, new business opportunities and delicious meals to deliver from your kitchen.


What Eateryum Brings

We use rich data and deep-diving analytics to craft our lovable brands. We know who is ordering from where, what they love and when they’re ordering.
We use this information to serve up…
  • Savvy restaurant concepts
  • Cuisines consumers are craving for
  • Widely accepted Virtual brands
  • Know how of turning a simple kitchen as Ghost
  • The technology to deliver & manage it all with ease

Your Kitchen Becomes a Ghost Kitchen

Your kitchen is where Eateryum’s Virtual Restaurant concepts come to life. Your team cooks-up menu items to order, utilizing the kitchen resources and ingredients you already have on hand.

Your kitchen serves up…
  • Chefs and culinary team
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Delicious meals prepared to order

Your Low-Cost Investment

As F&B operators ourselves, we’re keenly aware of the challenges you face running a profitable kitchen. It’s the reason we created Eateryum in the first place. And why we’ve built our business around a simple, low-cost, low-commitment, and uniquely flexible Brand As A Service model.

Where traditional fulfillment models typically start at $100,000 and only go up from there, your initial Eateryum BaaS investment is much more bite-sized.

Who We Partner With

Restaurants, Any commercial kitchen operators or Hotels with extra capacity and zeal to make more – is a candidate for Eateryum BaaS Model.

If you are looking for ways to supplement your revenue, let’s talk!

  • Single & multiple restaurant locations
  • Regional restaurant chains
  • Hotels
  • Other commercial kitchens

Why Partner with Eateryum?

Virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens are proliferating

Join the mega trend that’s here to stay. The online food delivery market is projected to grow from $35 billion globally to $365 billion by 2030. Get in on the action and expand your reach & revenue.

Max Out Your Kitchen

Get the most out of your kitchen by turning your extra capacity into a Virtual brands that generates supplemental income.

Turnkey Add-on

Sign up and get cooking. It’s that easy. Easteryum provides everything you need to launch your virtual brand without delay including concepts, menus, and recipes.

Compete with delivery-only ghost kitchens

Built to optimize your fixed costs, each concept is designed to earn you thousands in additional revenue. Take advantage of the industry shift towards delivery.


The technology used by Eateryum enables you to manage all of your online orders from different delivery services via a single dashboard and printer.

Exceptional Support

Benefit from unparalleled customer service support from Eateryum’s team of online food delivery experts and data analysts.

Unit Economics

Exponentially increase your number of customers with a nominal increase in overhead for additional ingredients and/or higher volume purchases.