Wings & Dips

By Ego Kitchen

Hot & Spicy

You get your classic wings variety, built either way you will receive it hot and ready to enjoy. Our authentic wings with variety of dips will leave you wishing you had ordered more, and that’s why we always give you more for less. When it comes to variety with the menu, we have wide selection from wings, fries & dips to choose from.

We want to be the go-to brand for awesome wings and great tasting soul food.

Enjoy delicious sauced & tossed flavored wings from Wings & Dips curated for all your “wing” needs.

Our Special Menu


Buffalo Wings

Crispy fried chicken wings coated with vinegar based cayenne pepper hot sauce with an explosion of flavours , just what your taste buds wanted!


Snack Time

For your small and medium hunger pangs…



Jalapeno, chicken poppers with an addition of nachos, a perfect party combo.


The Favourites

From Poppers to your favourite Dynamite meals.


Chicken in Oyster Sauce

Boneless chicken pieces flavoured with oyster sauce are fried till crisp perfection and then cooked in an Oriental style gravy, one of our specials.


Thrust Busters

Cold liquid offering to quench your thirst.

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