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Our Story

Eateryum is a multi-brand cloud kitchen that uses advanced cooking techniques, technology-backed manufacturing processes, and a data-driven approach to develop and produce consistently high quality, fresh and tasty delivery only food that can be delivered to customers in a matter of minutes.

We create and own all the Eateryum brands. This allows us to maintain full control over our food quality, brand development, supply chain, material selection, and customer experience.

If we need something to be fixed, we have the flexibility and processes in place to do so immediately. We provide you the food you want, with the quality you can trust, and at the speed you deserve – From our kitchen to you.

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Our Philosophy


Our Vision

To provide an authentic gastronomical experience with our freshly cooked healthy meals, by sourcing the finest ingredients and making them accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

We want our patrons to experience authentic dishes and dishes in the coziness of their homes with just a tap of their figure tips. We want to be the brand that expands through regions and cultures, creating employment & sustainability thus driving socio-economic growth.