Wrap & Rolls

Who doesn’t love a Wrap or a Roll? Wrap & Roll is the answer for that one-hand meal situation.

Wrap & Roll has an amazing selection of wraps & rolls, from a Meat, Kebab, Paneer wrap, Grilled Chicken Roll, Meat Kebab Roll, Falafel Roll, and more.

We also serve sandwiches and salad. As a great accompaniment to our wrap, roll, or sandwiches, we have a range of beverages and a selection of salad dishes.

Our Bestsellers

Let’s wrap and roll with some flavours.

Falafel Wrap

Deep fired chick peas and vegetables, blended with middle eastern spices.


Shish Tawook Sandwich

Tender Juicy Tawook Chicken or Meat made in between breads with pickles.


Paneer Tikka Wrap

Paneer coated with exotic spices and sauted veggies wrapped with a tortilla.

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Dried Quinoa made with quality ingredients and spices.

Grilled Chicken Roll

Grilled Chicken pieces with sauted veggies wrapped with a tortilla.



Warm and Cold liquid offering to quench your thrist.

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